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Authentic communication skills

for those looking to improve public speaking:

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Real Stories. Real Engagement. Real Results.


I’m Nick Graham

Got a point to make? Everyone is pitching – all the time. But who is listening? I help bring better pitching skills to everyday life. How? By reframing pitching from 1-directional selling to an authentic, engaged conversation. As a corporate leader, award-winning entrepreneur and public speaker, I still get the sweats from public speaking. That will never go away. Sharing the methods for addressing this fear allows me to help others grow. I love to hear the change they feel. How can I help you? Let’s get in touch!
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I will remember you forever because of your expertise, great way to observe details and provide great feedback and teach me how to engage. You managed to change my mindset and convert me into a good presenter. I delivered an excellent speech, got the attention of the public and became a star. Thank you for that feeling. Tens of people approached me to congratulate on a great presentation. Thank you for each of those moments. You would not believe but the same evening when I walked home I was loudly singing. My neighbors never saw me coming home so happy. And loudly singing. Thank you for that feeling of triumph. It was my privilege to work with you. Marijan Jozic

Development Leader and AMC Chairman, KLM

I had never been MC at an event before and it carried new challenges. I felt that your input allowed me to focus on what was important, and more vitally how to work with the 7 very different personalities presenting for us and how to bring out the best in them. You listen incredibly well and give feedback relevant to what WE want to do in the future, not experiences from other events you’ve helped in the past. It means we feel engaged and that we are focused. Additionally, you’re very disarming and that’s a good thing, I genuinely felt you cared about the delivery of the presentations and the people presenting. Excellent. Rob Picken

EMEA Director, Converge

Wow. Thank you so much for guiding us all through what felt like a really creative process – at times, painful, frustrating and perplexing but certainly enlightening, exciting and truly interesting. I feel a great deal clearer on what we are proposing and look forward to working twith you in the future. You have a great way of leveling the playing field to make everyone feel equal. Our range of experience in putting together pitch decks varied massively yet you broke it down and scaffolded the process so that each stage was clear and came together to create an awesome final effort. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and asking tough but stimulating questions. Anna Hamilton

Education Consultant, Ashoka

You made me remember why I was really doing this. Your emphasis is on making it about the audience and focusing on their needs. I really enjoyed your kindness and gentleness when giving feedback. I felt your undivided attention. Yet you being present made me present. It’s scary to put myself out there, so this is much appreciated. Feeling free to be playful allowed me to push outside of my comfort zone. Prompting in the right places helped me overcome my discomfort and procrastination when I was trying to get out of practice. Michelle Chakkalackal

Co-Founder, Love Matters